Because of this ...

(I know, quoting your own tweets is bad)

I had to format my disk, and reinstall Windows 10. It was amazing, it took 10 minutes and another 10 minutes to install the Boot Camp drivers.
Then I launched Edge, opened up Deezer in my favorit ... What???

Yeah, that's how I realized Edge doesn't sync your favorites (Coming soon ©). Welcome in 2010, guys. I recovered most of them as I like to share my reading list with friends.

How to : sync your favorites with OneDrive

1 - Get to the folder where Edge saves your favorites

Copy this path

2 - Open

And create a folder called Favorites (or whatever)

3 - Open OneDrive settings in the taskbar (right click)

Go to Settings > Choose folders tab > Choose folders button > Add the previously created folder

4 - Launch an elevated cmd

And type

mklink /j [OneDrive Favorites Path] [Edge Favorites Path]

5 - Profit

Never lose your Favorites again.