(this is for my first post translated in English, I'm already sorry for all the mistakes you would find in it)

I'm currently developing a new app, HFR RT, in which I wanted to display a Minimized state of my AppBar, à la Windows Phone.

Note that the new Mail and Calendar apps included in Windows 8.1 have the same behaviour. In my opinion, we should find this behaviour in every built-in apps and Microsoft should provide an API to do that.

Anyway, here's this little piece of XAML, that you can put into a UserControl or directly in your Page.

Don't forget to name your page, if not the Binding will not work (here the page is named MyPage).

[c language="#"]


Then, you just have to add this line in the Tapped event:
BottomAppBar.IsOpen = true;
That's it !